Brent and Anna


Keeping you up to date

Moving Forward

The Spaghetti Dinner and Benefit Concert went very well. The Lord was present at the worship concert and we couldn't have been more encouraged. Bear with me as I try to communicate the upcoming plans that haven't found a solid place in the schedule yet.

Moving to Cincy

I will be spending some time in Cincinnati, OH to finish the preliminary stages of fundraising. It will also give me a chance to participate in some of the coordination meetings that begin laying out the first stages of setting up in Haiti.

Please keep an eye open for details regarding informational presentations at White Oak Christian Church and other locations that will help anyone interested in orphan care to get involved. Anna and I are still in need of financial support and hope to increase our partnership to more individuals.

I am planning a scouting trip to Haiti toward the end of July to select a location that Anna and I will reside. This trip will solidify our plans to move and begin the process of determining what to leave and what to bring.

Moving to Haiti

Our goal is to be in Haiti with the family and begin our mobilization at the beginning of September. Please pray for these plans and the adjustment that will ensue.

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